S4CS4C Smart e-Mobility Program

The S4C Smart e-Mobility Program promotes knowledge and innovation exchange between the US and Dutch government, universities and industry. The cluster also helps to position private organizations on the respective Smart E-Mobility markets to find new business opportunities.


Provincie OverijsselProvince of Overijssel

The world of mobility is changing fast. Due to aging and urbanization, the demand for various modes of transportation changes. Technological innovation offers new possibilities for mobility, such as innovations in vehicles and new road systems which are used to optimize quality and flow. The province of Overijssel supports these technological developments through the Smart Mobility program.


IntelIntel (tech partner)

Intel is the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker based on revenue, and is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal computers (PCs). Intel supplies processors for equipment manufacturers and includes platforms designed for Internet of Things market segments, including retail, transportation, industrial, and buildings and home use, along with a broad range of other market segments.



MoqodMoqod (tech partner)

Moqod is an international software development company with much experience in the traffic and logistics sector, serving UBER, Rijkswaterstaat and several dutch governments. Thanks to our quick and agile approach, we can build advanced software much quicker and thus cheaper than traditional software parties in this sector.



Technolution logoTechnolution (tech partner)

Technolution is contributing to the hackathon by supplying traffic data from traffic light controllers, data derived from our traffic management platform MobiMaestro. We’re doing this in consultation with the Province of Noord-Holland, which uses MobiMaestro to put its traffic policy into practice on the road, and to further optimize these control systems.


DynniqDynniq (tech partner)

Dynniq will provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be used to connect to the Dynniq 4G-server. This 4G-server will provide a continuous data flow from real life traffic light controllers somewhere in The Netherlands. The content of the data contains the actual status of the traffic lights (red, amber, green), the time-to-red and remaining green time (if available) and the topology data of the specific intersection, that describes the lanes, distance to stop bar etc. With these data one can drive in a virtual road network based on real-time and real-life data.

Royal HaskoningDHVRoyal HaskoningDHV

Royal HaskoningDHV works in close collaboration with public and private sector organisations to enable the future of self-driving cars and develop the ecosystem for smart mobility in the Netherlands.
With our innovative approach and expertise in the rapidly evolving field of transport, we are able to share insights and knowledge to shape the future of smart traffic network systems while improving traffic safety and enhancing accessibility in the short term.
Our work in this area includes being involved in the first European trial of semi self-driving cars in the Netherlands, in order to highlight the advantages that driver support systems can bring.


MovaresMovares (mentor partner)

We are the consultancy agency that delivers intelligent advice and designs in the infrastructure and mobility domains. Our 1000 employees are working closely with our clienst and partners. Basis for this cooperation are the core values of Movares: involved, sustainable and innovation. Our motto, we connect, sums up our view on the world.


BalanceBalance (mentor partner)

Balance is your partner when managing coplex projects in the physical environment. With an eye on a sustainable society. From planning to realisation and management of your assets.


MijnsenMijnsen (mentor partner)

The combined knowledge of Dynamic transportation Management and ICT make Mijnsen the partner for system solutions for the smart use of infrastructure.



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