Hack the Road

Take part in our very first hackathon at the race circuit of Zandvoort on 14, 15 and 16 September. Develop prototypes for self-driving vehicles that can be integrated in the existing infrastructure. Show your hacking or making skills and knowledge on Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII), while being inspired by the sounds of squealing tires, seeing the sun going down behind the dunes and the groundbreaking infrastructure the circuit has to offer. Gear up and show how you hack the track at the 48-hour event Hack the Road!

About the hackathon

Our roads have been around for ages, so it’s finally time to upgrade and prepare these existing roads for self-driving vehicles. The province of Noord-Holland offers you the opportunity to hack the road and be a part of this exciting journey. So choose your role in the hackathon and register now.

Innovation of self-driving cars is happening at a fast pace at the moment and the province of Noord-Holland won't just stand by. To facilitate the future of driving, it's time to think about the way (provincial) roads can be best equipped to optimise automated driving. All traffic signs and other relevant traffic information could be transmitted straight to the car, without depending on any sensory input. This could make it possible to alter the information sent at any moment, to any car. All registered traffic data you can possibly think of, sent to our cars from the road they’re traveling on to optimise their driving behaviour. And why stop there? This system can be programmed to calculate the most energy efficient way of driving, combining all users’ driving plans. Perhaps even allow passengers of multiple vehicles to challenge each other in some games while traveling.

All this could be incorporated into the current infrastructure by means of a physical product that facilitates infrastructure-to-vehicle communication. This should not only benefit autonomous vehicles, but could also facilitatie traffic communication towards the (current) classic car.

Food for thought

  • How do we ensure that self-driving cars drive as efficiently as possible? Think about circumventing roadworks or delays. Imagine how this could benefit the environment. Keep on driving and contribute to an economical world.
  • How does the prototype serve the classic car? Think about how a self-driving prototype ensures that the classic car can also still read traffic signs.
  • How can Wifi-P be processed in the prototypes?
  • What convenience does the prototype provide to the road user? For example, does it offer free wifi while driving? How can you add features so that the prototype is indeed interesting to market?
  • How do you make the prototype fun for passengers?

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Take part in our very first hackathon


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Take the chance to dip into the €20,000 prize pool! 


Venue Circuit Zandvoort

Luchtfoto van circuit Zandvoort

The 48-hour event Hack the Road is held at the unique location of Circuit Zandvoort. Download route.


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This page is written in English, as the hackathon is an international event and the working language is English. If you require any information in Dutch, please contact the organisation