Hack the Road

Take part in our very first hackathon at the race circuit of Zandvoort on 14, 15 and 16 September. Develop prototypes for self-driving vehicles that can be integrated in the existing infrastructure. Show your hacking or making skills and knowledge on Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII), while being inspired by the sounds of squealing tires, seeing the sun going down behind the dunes and the groundbreaking infrastructure the circuit has to offer. Gear up and show how you hack the track at the 48-hour event Hack the Road!


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About the hackathon

Innovation of self-driving cars is happening at a fast pace. Our roads, however, are not ready yet to facilitate these smart self-driving cars. The province of Noord-Holland is taking action to equip its roads to be ready and optimised for automated driving. And you can be a part of this!

From 14 to 16 September the province is organising ‘Hack the Road’ on the circuit of Zandvoort. Hack the Road is a 48-hour event that brings together teams of designers, technical specialists, developers and infrastructure experts to build working prototypes. These prototypes will show what the future of smart mobility will look like, while also facilitating ‘normal’ cars.

An abundance of interesting resources will be available to the teams. Infrastructure elements will offer inspiration and mentors and experts will be available to provide the teams with the knowledge they need. An expert jury will judge the prototypes. And that’s not all! A 20K prize pool awaits the top 3 teams. The winning team also gets the opportunity to travel to California to pitch their prototype to interested authorities, businesses and universities.

Are you ready to hack the future of smart mobility and infrastructure? We’re sure you are! So choose your role and register now to be part of the exciting hackfest ‘Hack the Road’.

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Take part in our very first hackathon


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Prize pool
Take the chance to dip into the €20,000 prize pool and win a trip to California to pitch your prototype to interested authorities, businesses and universities!


Venue Circuit Zandvoort

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The 48-hour event Hack the Road is held at the unique location of Circuit Zandvoort. Download route.


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This page is written in English, as the hackathon is an international event and the working language is English. If you require any information in Dutch, please contact the organisation

Deze pagina is in het Engels omdat de hackathon een internationaal evenement is. De voertaal is Engels. Wilt u informatie in het Nederlands ontvangen? Neem dan contact op met de organisatie.