GO!-NH - the innovation program for entrepreneurs

GO!-NH - the innovation program for entrepreneurs

The GO!-NH programs accelerate SMEs and startups. GO!-NH has put together three different programs, so that entrepreneurs receive the best support that fits the phase and size in which their company is going.

Themes Sustainable Innovation

The GO!-NH program is a program to stimulate the economy in North Holland and sustainable innovations. There is a focus on the sectors: construction, concrete, chemicals, fashion, agri & food, packaging materials, trade and catering.. The broader themes for the development of these sectors in Noord-Holland are:

  • Energy transition
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Agri-food
  • Circular Economy
    • Using waste as raw material
    • Modular design
    • Plastics
    • Textile

Consortium of Innomics and Development Company Noord-Holland Noord

The GO!-NH program is carried out by a consortium of Innomics and Development Company Noord-Holland Noord on behalf of the province of Noord-Holland.

Innomics organizes innovation and acceleration at SMEs, large companies, multinationals and industries. Top down, by facilitating innovation strategy and guiding transformation. Bottom up, by accelerating and innovating teams with a new skillset, mindset and toolset.

The Noord-Holland Noord Development Company (NHN) is an executive organization of municipalities in Noord-Holland Noord and the province of Noord-Holland. NHN helps entrepreneurs with their investments in the NHN region. The GO! -NH program offers a nice extension to the service package of NHN, with which entrepreneurs and start-ups in Noord-Holland Noord are even better supported in their growth and development. 

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Contact the Go!-NH team:

Jessica SchonewilleJessica Schonewille

Initiator for the Province of North Holland

Policy consultant with the Province of North Holland

Andre knol

André Knol

Initiator for Innomics
Partners and corporate participation
+31 (0)6 53 48 47 53

Michiel de Klein

Michiel de Klein

Programme and participation of SMEs and start-ups

+31 (0)6 51 47 77 89

Sabrina KosterSabrina Koster

Events, media and communication

+31 (0)6 27 10 04 47

Caroline BeelenCaroline Beelen

Events, media and communication 

+31 (0)6 11 40 47 45

Thijs PenninkThijs Pennink

Program lead


Daniël BanisDaniël Banis 

Program manager 


Abdellah EzzerariAbdellah Ezzerari 



Marieke EndertMarieke Endert



Annemarie HenselmansAnnemarie Henselmans

Project officer


New shape GO!-NH

From 2021, the existing GO!-NH Accelerator will be supplemented with the programs GO!-NH Growth and GO!-NH Scale, and there will be additional separate master classes in the GO!-NH Academy. The programs complement each other since they each focus on a different phase of the innovation. In this way more customization can be delivered in the support of the companies. Companies can register for the programs as of November 26th via the website of GO!-NH.

Zita Pels, Provincial Executive of Economics: "Stimulating innovative ideas in the field of sustainability is one of our main concerns at the province of North Holland. After all, only with these innovations can we achieve our goals of being fully circular and climate neutral by 2050. The fact that with GO! NH we can now also help companies that are already much further ahead with their sustainable work and have the potential to serve a larger market is therefore good news in these times of transition.

Introductory meetings

Are you interested in the GO-NH programs and looking for the right match? Then the introductory meetings are the perfect way to find your answers! During these meetings you will hear from the GO!-NH team, and current and former participants what the growth programs can do for you and which program is the right match for you. In addition, you can ask your questions directly to the organization.

Sign up for the introductory meetings

GO!-NH Programme

GO!-NH is a series of growth acceleration programs (accelerators) from the province of Noord-Holland. These specially developed programs support start-ups and SMEs in the marketing and scaling up of innovative products and services in the field of sustainability. You develop your company with training, tools and professional coaching by experts.

GO!-NH has put together three different processes, so that entrepreneurs receive the best support that suits the phase and size of their company.

For more information, sign up for the GO!-NH interest list. We will keep you informed about the program with updates and newsletters.


The GO!-NH Accelerator is an innovation accelerator, aimed at startups and SMEs working on sustainable innovations whose product or service is still in the development phase. In a three-month program you will focus on market validation and the search for the right "problem-solution fit" through workshops and under the guidance of coaches and experts. GO!-NH Accelerator will start in March 2021. More information about content, registration and participation can be found here.


The GO!-NH Growth program is for startups and SMEs who are in a further phase. They already have traction through turnover from (a few) customers and / or current pilots. During this program, the company is prepared for growth by focusing on repeatability and scalability. By means of growth experiments, a good 'product-market fit' is sought and we are working towards a 'scale-up fit'. The teams receive three months of support from coaches and experts and go through an intensive program of workshops and deep dives. GO!-NH Growth will start in March 2021. More information about content, registration and participation can be found here.


The GO!-NH Scale trajectory is aimed at scale-ups and SMEs who are well developed in their current market and are ready to    scale up their innovation to new markets or areas. In this program, companies explore which new markets they are going to focus on and what this involves. GO!-NH Scale prepares the organization for significant growth jumps by developing a good "go-to-market" strategy and individual guidance by experts. This program lasts 6 months and includes individual coaching and 8 workshops. GO! -NH Scale will officially start in June 2021. More information about content, registration and participation can be found here.


With the GO!-NH Academy you can get to know GO! -NH in an accessible way. Throughout the year there are masterclasses in which entrepreneurs can participate (free of charge). These masterclasses can be followed in preparation for a GO! -NH program, or just separately. More information about content, registration and participation can be found here.

GO!-NH Alumni program 

GO!-NH Alumni-pogrammaAll GO!-NH participants are invited to the GO!-NH Alumni program. Meet-ups are organized on a regular basis with experts from the network. The alumni program aims to make the group of transition makers bigger, closer and stronger. In this way, the ecosystem is built, expanded and further activated. The alumni network now has no fewer than 65 companies and more than 60 partner organizations.

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Province of North Holland, Innomics and Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord are working together on the innovation programs within GO!-NH.


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