The GO!-NH Accelerators put SMEs and start-ups on the fast track to development. In a 3-month programme you’ll go from concept to a business offering innovative solutions that’s ready to take the market by storm. Training sessions, tools and professional support from experts will help you develop your business in a sheltered environment.

GO!-NH Accelerator Sustainable Innovation

The program enables innovative SMEs, start-ups, scale-ups and innovation teams of large organisations to convert ideas into new business models and accelerate customer and product development in a short period of time. With training, tools and professional support from experts, you will develop your innovation and business in 3 months. 

Sustainable accelerator topics

The GO!-NH accelerator is primarily a program aiming to boost the development of the economy in North-Holland. The program focuses on networks and sectors such as: construction, concrete, chemicals, fashion, agrifood, packaging, trade and hospitality. The topics for the development of the circular economy in North-Holland are the following:

  • Waste as resource
  • Energy
  • Biobased solutions
  • Circular economy in industry
  • New business models
  • Modular design

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Challenges Sustainable Innovation

In cooperation with the Province of Noord-Holland, various municipalities, companies and public organisations, additional regional and industry Challenges are organized. At least 10 places are available for the GO! However, thanks to collaborations with Techport, Rabobank and the Province of North Holland, among others, several extra places have been made available for participating teams.

Why should you participate?

There’s a lot to be gained by participating in the program:

  • You’ll have a validated idea that has been tested for the market.
  • You’ll create innovative products and services in the field of sustainable mobility that partners and customers are really looking for.
  • You’ll have better focus and will be able to more quickly find a repeatable and scalable business model.
  • You’ll have access to a network of businesses and experts in the field of sustainable mobility.
  • You’ll have access to continued financing from the province of North Holland.

What do we expect from you?

  • Your attendance during the selection days and the workshops.
  • The 10 best teams showing the most potential will take part in the Sustainable Innovation Accelerator. The accelerator starts with a four-day boot camp. During this boot camp you’ll work full-time on your concept with support from experts and mentors.
  • Afterwards, you’ll work actively on your project for a period of three months. During this time you’ll receive coaching, guidance and workshops on a wide variety of topics (financing, growth hacking, technical deep dives).

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Want to know more?

Contact the Go!-NH team:

Jessica SchonewilleJessica Schonewille

Initiator for the Province of North Holland

Policy consultant with the Province of North Holland

Andre knol

André Knol

Initiator for Innomics
Partners and corporate participation
+31 (0)6 53 48 47 53

Michiel de Klein

Michiel de Klein

Programme and participation of SMEs and start-ups

+31 (0)6 51 47 77 89

Sabrina KosterSabrina Koster

Events, media and communication

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Caroline BeelenCaroline Beelen

Events, media and communication 

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GO!-NH Accelerators

GO!-NH AcceleratorsGO!-NH is an accelerator program for entrepreneurs, innovative SMEs and large companies and institutions that will make the difference in circular economy, energy transition and sustainable mobility in Noord-Holland and beyond. In a three-month program 10 teams, complemented by teams from regional and industry Challenges, work on the development of innovative solutions that contribute to a vital innovation ecosystem.

Since 2018 there have been 5 Accelerator rounds and 65 companies and innovation teams have been accelerated thanks to the GO-NH Accelerator. This is an overview. Read more about the Accelerators and participants here.

GO!-NH Accelerator sustainable innovation (spring 2020)

GO!-NH Accelerator duurzame innovatieAll GO!-NH participants of GO!-NH Accelerator sustainable innovation unexpectedly learned the same lesson this year: creativity in times of crisis. It provided inspiring stories during the online festival New Economy Now on Tuesday 16 June 2020. At the end of the three-month Accelerator, the GO!-NH entrepreneurs took the stage of the online festival.

Over the past three months, 13 sustainable and innovative companies developed their sustainable innovations for the market in the GO!-NH accelerator. During GO!-NH On Stage they presented the developments of their proposition, growth, ambition and challenges. Here you can read what the 13 team are working on.

GO!-NH Accelerator circular economy (autumn 2019)

GO!-NH Accelerator circulaire economie

The 18 teams of GO!-NH Accelerator circular economy closed their Accelerator on 23 January 2020 with GO!-NH On Stage during the NE20 festival at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The whole day was dedicated to stimulating a new economy. The teams presented their companies on stage and were present on the exhibition floor. With about 1.000 visitors, this was a unique opportunity to present their initiatives and broaden their network. 

Click here to watch the aftermovie.

GO!-NH Accelerator sustainable mobility (spring 2019) 

GO!-NH Accelerator duurzame mobiliteit

After 3 months of accelerating, the time had come; in the week from 17 to 21 June Demo Week took place during WeMakeThe.City. The teams of GO!-NH Accelerator sustainable mobility 2019 and several GO!-NH Alumni were on the stage of several events. To top it all off, Demo Day took place on June 20, bringing the third edition of the Accelerator program to a successful conclusion. 

Click here to watch the aftermovie of Demo Day.

GO!-NH Accelerator circular economy (autumn 2018)

Accelerator circulaire economie (najaar 2018)With pitches, interviews, mini-masterclasses and deep dives, the 16 teams of the GO/NH Accelerator circular economy 2018 concluded the Week of Circular Economy. The circular ABN Amro Pavilion CIRCL on the Amsterdam Zuidas was brimming with circular business ideas! The teams took the 200 guests - innovators, policymakers and investors - along with them in their development over the past 3 months. During this period they worked on their proposition, growth, ambition and challenges. Click here to watch the aftermovie of Demo Day.

GO!-NH Accelerator sustainable mobility (spring 2018)

GO!-NH Accelerator duurzame mobiliteit (voorjaar 2018)The 1st edition of GO!-NH was in the spring of 2018 and focused on sustainable mobility: GO!-NH Accelerator sustainable mobility 2018. Demo Day was the closing event. A few figures: on 14 June 2018 there were no less than 24(!) innovations with 200 visitors in the 3D Makers Zone, in Haarlem. This was 'Innovating mobility 2018 Demo Day' by GO!-NH, together with the Province of Noord-Holland and Innomics and dozens of partners, including Techport, Rabobank and the Amsterdam Economic Board. Watch the aftermovie here.

GO!-NH Alumni program 

GO!-NH Alumni-pogrammaAll participants of GO!-NH are invited to the GO!-NH Alumni Program. Measure-ups' are organised on a regular basis with experts from the network. The aim of the alumni program is to make the group of transition-makers bigger, closer and stronger. In this way, the ecosystem is built, expanded and further activated. The Alumni network now comprises no less than 65 companies and more than 60 partner organisations. GO!-NH is a collaboration between the Province of North Holland and Innomics. You can read more about it on the website of GO!-NH.



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